Diary May 23, 1916

Riflemen and a Lewis gunner of the 2nd Australian Division
Riflemen and a Lewis gunner of the 2nd Australian Division in a trench at Croix du Bac, near Armentieres at this time.
Diary for Tuesday, May 23, 1916:

Western Front

Artois, Vimy: BEF IV Corps counter-attack with 2 brigades ruined by German counter-barrage; British losses 2,500 to 1,344 German.
Verdun: German counter­-attack cuts off French in fort Douaumont who cannot be reinforced. Germans take Cumieres.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Austrian XXI Corps east of river Adige attacks Buole Pass (4,773 ft) (until May 28) against Italian 37th Division.

Sea War

North Sea: 10 U-boats (sailed from May 17) begin to take up minelaying stations off Grand Fleet bases and in key areas ready for Admiral Scheer’s planned sortie.

Air War

Sudan: Future Royal Air Force Marshal Lieutenant Siessor Royal Flying Corps (wounded) bombs fleeing Sultan of Darfur.

Home Fronts

Britain: House of Commons votes £ 300 million war credit (no 11); war cost est £4.8m per day since April 1.

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