Diary May 26, 1941

Swordfish planes aboard the aircraft carrier Victorious
Swordfish planes aboard the aircraft carrier Victorious. Their torpedoes make the ‘Bismarck’ maneuver incapable.
Diary for Monday, May 26, 1941:

Sea War

Atlantic: Swordfish torpedo-bombers score two hits on battleship Bismarck, disabling her steering-gear; the battleship’s AA gunners are confused by the slow-flying biplanes. 5 destroyers harass Bismarck during night May 26-27.
Mediterranean: British aircraft carrier Formidable launches air strike against Stuka base on Scarpunto Island, east of Crete . Later Formidable and escorting destroyers are bombed by Ju 87 Stukas; carrier badly damaged.

Air War

Airborne invasion of Crete: German airborne troops take Chania, capital of Crete.


Irish Republic: Prime Minister De Valera cautions Churchill against introduction of conscription in Northern Ireland (Churchill concedes May 27).
USA: Air raid black-out test in Newark, New Jersey.

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