Diary May 26, 1916

puny barracks behind the Italian Front
Supply columns are moving near puny barracks behind the Italian Front.
Diary for Friday, May 26, 1916:

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Archduke Eugene shifts main thrust east onto Asiago Plateau so as to reach Brenta valley towards Bassano and Venetian plains. Italian supreme commander Cadorna orders surplus heavy artillery and stores from Isonzo to withdraw in case of Trentino collapse.
Salonika: ­Joffre-Robertson deadlocked on future offensive.

Western Front

France: Joffre visits British commander Haig and gets assurance of July 1 BEF Somme offensive.
Verdun: Unsuccessful German attack on Avocourt Wood and Mort Homme (French regain trenches to southwest on May 27).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Enver speaks only to Indian Muslims from Kut, north of Tekrit, sees Townshend in his private train (c. May 30).

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps aircraft and balloons range 62 targets (68 on May 27).


Britain: British War committee decides Kitchener shall visit Russia to co-ordinate supply (Tsar’s invitation accepted, May 27).


Denmark: MI5 claim heavy German use of Danish diplomatic bags.

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