Diary May 28, 1915

Reichs Chancellor von Bethman Hollweg
Reichs Chancellor von Bethman Hollweg (left, in uniform) with Vice-Chancellor Dr Karl Helfferich and the Foreign Secretary von Jagow.
Diary for Friday, May 28, 1915:


Germany: Bethmann denounces Italy in Reichstag. German reply puts all Lusitania responsibility on Britain.

Home Fronts

Germany: First Reichstag annexation debate.
Ceylon: Riots (until June 5).

Western Front

Artois: French 53rd Division advance in savage hand-to­-hand fighting in the ‘Labyrinth’ north of Arras (until June 1).

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Austrian Fort Lusern (Trento) nearly surrenders but fire from neighbours stiffens it. Italians vainly attack Sleme and Mrzli massifs south of Mt Nero (until June 4); Modena Brigade loses 1,237 casualties.

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