Diary May 6, 1917

French painting from 1917: ‘Poilus’
World War One Diary for Sunday, May 6, 1917:

Western Front

Aisne: French Reserve Army Group dissolved, Micheler takes over Fifth Army from Mazel.
Artois: British repulse counter­-attack near river Souchez.

Air War

Britain – First night aeroplane raid on London: Albatros CVII (Klimke and Leon) on own initiative drops 5 x 22lb bombs between Holloway and Hackney (night May 6-7, 3 casualties).


Austria: Common Ministers Council agrees to reopen Mitteleuropa (Central Europe) talks with Germany (Berlin owed RM 6 billions). Emperor says ‘I do not agree at all’ (May 14).
Russia­: Kiev Czech congress recognises Masaryk and Czech National Council.


Greece­: Salonika mass meeting of 30,000 demands King’s deposition. Salonika plot to murder Venizelos discovered on May 10.

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