Diary May 7, 1942

Speer and Milch
Minister of Armaments and Munition Speer (right) during a conference with Field Marshal Milch (center).
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, May 7, 1942:

Home Fronts

Germany: State Armaments Council (Ruestungsrat) formed under Speer with Milch (Luftwaffe), 3 generals, 1 admiral and 8 representatives of the armaments industry.

Sea War

Black Sea: 24 Russian submarines (4 lost) carry out 77 supply missions to Sebastopol and evacuate wounded (May 7-July 2).
Indian Ocean: Vichy submarines Le Heros and Monge sunk off Diego Suarez.


Madagascar: Vichy French forces surrender Diego Suarez.


USA – Peruvian Trade Agreement: President Prado visits Washington. Expresses whole-hearted support for President Roosevelt’s policies and profound admiration for heroic efforts of the British people.

Air War

Germany: 54 RAF bombers attacking Stuttgart and dropping 93t of bombs.

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