Diary May 8, 1916

The Last Call
The Last Call: this Australian poster advertises for volunteers for the Western Front.
Diary for Monday, May 8, 1916:

Western Front

France: Anzacs join BEF line.
Verdun: 650 Bavarians perish in Fort Douaumont magazine explosion.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Cadorna sacks General Brusati of First Army for latter’s over-aggressive dispositions (2nd and 3rd lines neglected), General Count Pecori­-Giraldi replaces him. 67 battalions and 80 guns reinforce First Army by May 15.

African Fronts

East Africa: Portuguese repulse Germans from Nhika, but 400 repulsed by 45 Germans on river Ruovuma at Mwambo (May 27).

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: German U-boat U20 sinks British US-bound liner Cymric (5 lives lost) 140 miles WNW of Fastnet, 37th unarmed liner sunk by U­-boats since Lusitania and 4th one in current offensive (despite orders).

Air War

Egypt: German air raids on Port Said from El Arish (and on May 21). 6 Royal Flying Corps retaliate against El Arish (May 18), also establish airfield with 2 aircraft at Port Said.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill back from Western Front, speaks in House of Commons following day about Ireland retaining voluntary enlistment, Irish Nationalist Member of Parliament cries ‘What about the Dardanelles ?’.

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