Diary November 11, 1940

Port of Taranto after Britsih air raid
The inside port ‘Mar Piccolo’ of Taranto after the raid by Swordfish torpedo bombers from carrier Illustrious. From the two damaged cruisers on the left petrol is running out.
Diary for Monday, November 11, 1940:

Sea War

Mediterranean: THE TARANTO RAID (Operation Judgement): 21 Swordfish torpedo-biplanes (2 lost) from carrier Illustrious carry out surprise torpedo/bomb attack on Italian Fleet in Taranto naval base. 3 battleships hit – Conte di Cavour sunk, Caio Duilio and new Littorio damaged (night November 11-12). Italian Fleet subsequently leaves Taranto for Naples and Genoa.
Cruisers Ajax, Orion and Sydney destroy Italian convoy in Strait of Otranto; 4 transports sunk (night November 11-12).

Air War

Two large formations of fighter-bombers attempt to reach London; a few aircraft drop bombs in three London districts. Ju 87 Stukas make unsuccessful raid on convoy off Kent. 50-strong Italian formation defeated off Suffolk coast by 2 Hawker Hurricane squadrons. British losses, nil; Italian losses, 6.
Short night raid on London (20 aircraft).
RAF night raids on Italian supply ports of Valona and Durazzo (Albania).


USA: First Jeep delivered to US Army.

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