Diary November 12, 1918

Armistice celebrations in Paris.
Armistice celebrations in Paris.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, November 12, 1918:

Home Fronts

France: ­Paris celebrates even more enthusiastically (until November 13).
Germany: Council of Peoples Commissars abolish Auxiliary Service Law and censorship; declare amnesty, 8 hour day (from January 1, 1919) and universal suffrage.
Britain­: Lloyd George addresses selected Liberals ‘Revolution I am not afraid of. Bolshevism I am not afraid of. Reaction I am afraid of.’ Northcliffe resigns as Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries. Reconstruc­tion Minister Dr Addison says a year’s unemployment benefit for demobilized soldiers (those with jobs waiting to be demobilized first); 6 months unemployment pay for civilians. Commons votes £700 million credit (total £2.5 billion in 1918), £8,743 million since war began.

Western Front

France: Foch’s Message to Allied Armies: ‘You have won the greatest battle in history and saved the most sacred cause: World Freedom.’ Lieutenant-General Sir R Haking British delegation chief to Permanent International Armistice Commission.

Eastern Front

Poland: Pogroms reported.

Middle East

Turkey: Allied Fleet (60 ships) passes the Dardanelles.
Caspian: ­Bicherakov’s 8,500 troops with 3,000 refugees and 3 gunboats arrive at Enzeli.
South Persia: ­Bushire reinforcements from India arrive (until November 23) and occupy Mallu Pass (November 18).


Rhodesia – LAST AFRICAN ACTION OF THE WAR: Hawkins’ KAR force river Milina vs Captain Kohl’s rearguard as German main body reaches Kasama.

Sea War

Dardanelles: Battleship HMS Superb leads Allied Fleet of 7 battleships, 7 cruisers and 18 destroyers to Constantinople (November 13) after 600 mines cleared from Dardanelles.


Austria: German Austrian Republic proclaimed in Vienna.
Britain: King George V decorates Emir Feisal.

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