Diary November 28, 1917

cannibalism in Russia
Russia suffers heavily from the war. As a result of famine, there were even cases of cannibalism.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 28, 1917:

Eastern Front

Russia: Lenin and Trotsky radio and telegram proclamation ‘The Russian Army and the Russian people cannot and will not, wait any longer.’

Western Front

Cambrai: 16,000 German gas and high-explosive shells rain down on Bourlon Wood.
France: AEF US First Army Staff College opens at Langres with three-month course.


East Africa: Tafel’s main body of 1,312 troops and c.2,200 porters surrender. GERMAN EAST AFRICA ALL IN BRITISH HANDS. King George V’s telegram congratu­lates Deventer on November 30.

Sea War

British Home Waters: U-boat sinks British Elder-Dempster liner Apapa (77 lives lost).
Adriatic: ­Austrian destroyers and torpedo boats shell coast railway near Senigallia.
Britain: WRNS founded (Women’s Royal Naval Service).

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