Diary November 4, 1915

UC8 was taken over by the Dutch Navy after running aground.
Diary for Thursday, November 4, 1915:

Sea War

Western Mediterranean: U38 sinks French transport Calvados (Sene­galese battalion aboard) with heavy loss of life, Algeria-Marseilles traffic suspended for 36 hours.
North Sea: UC8 runs aground off Dutch Terschelling island, interned.

Western Front

Champagne: Fighting between Hill 199 and the Maisons de Champagne and following day around of Massiges.

Southern Front

Italian FrontThird Battle of the Isonzo ends: Italian losses 67,008 (10,733 killed, 11,985 missing); Austrian 42,000 men.

Middle East

Gallipoli: Turk attacks at Anzac bridgehead repulsed.
Kitchener appoints Monro to Salonika, Birdwood C-in-C MEF; latter suppresses news, begs Kitchener to reconsider, is told to plan evacuation as Kitchener leaves England for visit.

Home Fronts

France: Clemenceau elected Chairman Army and Foreign Affairs Senate Commission.

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