Diary November 5, 1915

urkish officer and his African batman in Libya
A Turkish officer and his African batman in Libya. Turkish and Libyan guerilla forces maintained their resistance throughout the war, effectively penning the occupying Italians against the coast.
Diary for Friday, November 5, 1915:

African Fronts

Western Desert: c. 130 Turks and munitions, landed from U35 at Bardia, reinforce Senussi.

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: U35 sinks RN armed boarding steamer Tara and Egyptian coastguard vessel Abbas following day at Sollum. U35 has already landed 10 Turkish officers, 120 men (in 2 towed schooners) and ammo at Bardia for Senussi in first-ever submarine clandestine landing operation.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Germans heavily repulsed at Platonovka, south of Sventen (Dvinsk).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Fall of Nis after 3 days fighting to Bulgar First Army gives Central Powers rail link with Turkey (German munition convoys arrive at Ruschuk following day.
French 57th and 122nd divisions begin advance to 2 1/2 miles west of Crna until November 9.
Salonika: British 22nd Division (from France) begins landing (all infantry arrived by November 10).

Air War

Eastern Front: German Army airship LZ39 (hitherto bombing rail targets in Poland) destroyed in shed fire near Grodno.
Neutrals, USA – First steam catapult launch of aircraft from a ship: Curtiss flying boat (pilot Mustin) from bows of anchored battleship North Carolina in Pensacola Bay, Florida (repeated while underway following day).

Home Fronts

South Africa: General De Wet declares for Britain in election campaign (released with 118 others on December 20).

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