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Diary November 5, 1940

Roosevelt is talking with his foreign minister Cordell Hull.
US President Franklin D. Roosevelt is talking with his foreign minister Cordell Hull.
Diary for Tuesday, November 1940:


USA: PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Roosevelt (Democratic), 27,241,939; Willkie (Republican), 22,237,226. Roosevelt carries 39 States and is re-elected for record third term. Five ‘fringe’ candidates (inc. Socialist, Norman Thomas) together receive insignificant total of votes.

Sea War

Atlantic: Heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer attacks large eastbound convoy, escorted by armed merchant cruiser Jervis Bay. Latter sunk after gallant resistance which saves convoy from complete destruction. Admiral Scheer sinks 5 ships; tanker San Demetrio badly damaged and abandoned (crew later reboard her). Eastbound convoys from Halifax to Britain are cancelled until November 17.

Air War

Italians bomb Yugoslav border town of Monastir.

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