Diary November 9, 1917

Russian soldiers reading  propganda leaflets
Russian soldiers reading on the street propganda leaflets printed by the Bolsheviks.
World War One Diary for Friday, November 9, 1917:

Eastern Front

Russia: 4 million copies of Bolshevik Peace Decree sent to Front. Kerensky occupies Gatchina (28 miles south of capital) with 600 wavering Cossacks, having reached General Krasnov’s III Cavalry Corps headquarter at Ostrov on November 8.


Russia: Petrograd Telegraph Agency broadcasts Bolshevik peace conditions. German government refuses to publish but German press do it on November 12.
Austria: Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria visits Trieste.

Southern Fronts

Italy: General Diaz succeeds Cadorna as C-in-C , with Badoglio senior of two sub Chief of Staff.
Piave­: Rommel fords upper river and with help captures 8,000 Italians and 20 guns at Longarone (night November 9-10). Italian front 75 miles (180 miles on October 24) long, but only 33 divisions available instead of 59. Last 3 Italian divisions cross river until November 10 and bridges blown. Conscript class of 1899 arriving.
Trentino­: Austrians reoccupy Asiago.

Western Front

Flanders: British Second Army headquarter moves to Italy, Rawlinson replaces Plumer in command of Flanders sector.

Middle East

Palestine: Panic in Turk Eighth Army headquarter and rear but thirst slows British pursuit. Brigade of Anzac Mounted Division takes 984 PoWs and 210 wagons in 16-mile ride that meets XXI Corps from Gaza.


Uruguay: Troops seizes 8 German ships at Montevideo

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