Diary November 9, 1942

captured Vichy French soldiers
Soldiers of the Vichy French army captured by Americans during the Torch landings in Northwest Africa.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, November 9, 1942:


Northwest Africa: Cease-fire in French North Africa arranged by Admiral Darlan and Lieutenant-General. Mark Clark. General Giraud arrives in Algeria to rally support for the Allies.
Western Desert: Rommel commences rapid retreat from Sidi Barrani to El Agheila (1,014 km by the coastal road).


Vichy France: Government breaks off diplomatic relations with USA. USA and Canada break off relations with Vichy. Petain dismisses Darlan and assumes command of Vichy French forces.

Sea War

Atlantic: Admiral Sir Max Horton appointed C-in-C Western Approaches (anti-U-boat war).

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