Diary October 14, 1942

German soldiers Stalingrad Tractor Factory
German soldiers after they have taken the Stalingrad Tractor Factory.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, October 14, 1942:

Eastern Front

Stalingrad: Germans launch second ‘final’ offensive at Stalingrad, preceded by ferocious artillery/mortar barrage and deadly accurate Stuka raids. Ruined Tractor Factory overrun, but Siberian regiment holds ‘Red October’ works in city centre against 117 separate attacks (including 23 in 1 day). Offensive ends in late October.

Sea War

Atlantic: Nova Scotia-Newfoundland ferry steamer Caribou sunk by U-boat (137 killed).
Pacific: Japanese cruisers bombard Henderson Field (repeated October 15-16) while Japanese reinforcements land on Guadalcanal.

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