Diary October 20, 1918

Corporal of a German infantry regiment
Corporal of a German infantry regiment in Serbia in October 1918.
World War One Diary for Sunday, October 20, 1918:

Southern Fronts

SerbiaBattle of Paracin (­until October 23): Serb First Army attacks strong counter-attacking German rearguards in Upper Morava valley. Serb Second Army relieves French at Pristina before advance to Western Morava valley via Kossovo.

Western Front

Flanders: ALL BELGIAN COAST IN ALLIED HANDS, Belgian Northern wing on Dutch frontier.
Selle ­- Second phase (until October 22): British storm Hermann line and extend advance to north (until October 25); Third Army (7 divisions) crosses Selle (4 tanks in support) and captures Solesmes. US 27th and 30th Divisions withdrawn to rest (11,500 casualties since September 27).
Lorraine: Foch directs Petain to prepare to launch offensive as latter requested (October 14).
Meuse and Argonne: US losses now 54,158 men.

Eastern Front

Urals: Heavily-mauled Czech 4th Regiment mutinies, 1st Regiment soon follows.

Sea War

Germany: ALL U-BOATS ORDERED HOME by Scheer (17 boats recalled), coastal submarine UB-86 last outward bound boat to cross Northern Barrage for Irish Sea.
Channel: Royal Navy monitor M21 strikes 2 mines off Ostend, towed back to Dover but sinks.


Germany: Third note accepts US conditions (of October 14) including renunciation of U-boat war (Washington receives on October 22).


Denmark: Government proposes Schleswig-Holstein plebiscite.

Home Fronts

Turkey: General amnesty to exiles and refugees; part of Izzet Pasha Government programme read to Assembly (October 19). Press meet and agree to act together (October 21).

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