Diary October 22, 1918

Admiral Reinhard Scheer
Admiral Reinhard Scheer, the hero of the Juetland naval battle, was promoted in August 1918 to Chief of the Admiral Staff and Commander of the Naval War Command. With the command to the High Seas Fleet operation he triggers the mutiny in Kiel, which finally led to the November Revolution in Germany.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, October 22, 1918:

Sea War

North Sea: Levetzow delivers verbal operational order (Operations Plan No 19) to Hipper at Wilhelmshaven: ‘High Seas Fleet shall attack and engage in battle the English Fleet.’ Nothing is to be allowed to delay the operation because the country ‘is rushing toward an armistice at full speed’. Plan envisages coordinated raids to Thames Estuary and down Flanders coast with 22 U-boats of Scotland.
Adriatic: Italian warships shell south of Giovanni die Medua, Albania, as Austrians evacuate.

Home Fronts

Germany: Liebknecht released in general amnesty. Chancellor presents Reichstag with constitutional reform, equal suffrage voted (October 26).
Austria: ­Czech Socialist Klofac tells Emperor Czech lands slipping away from Crown.
Britain: ­New 10s note design issued.

Air War

Adriatic: 142 Italian flying boats and 56 Caproni bombers raid Pola.

Western Front

Scheldt: British First Army closes in on Valenciennes, 3rd Canadian Division clears Foret de Raismes in 4-mile advance.

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