Diary October 28, 1915

French cavalry with gas masks
The old warfare meets the new: French cavalry equipped with steel helmets, and gas masks for horse and rider alike.
Diary for Thursday, October 28, 1915:

Western Front

KING GEORGE SERIOUSLY INJURED. He visits British First Army at Labuissiere, southwest of Charleroi, then goes on to Hesdigneul and inspects parade of 1st Wing RFC. As he rides past the men raise a sudden cheer, the King’s mare rears in fright, slips on the wet ground and falls backwards. The King is partially pinned under her. His pelvis is fractured in two places. He is rushed back to Aire in his limousine: ‘I suffered great agonies all the way’ (Diary), returns to England (November 1, 1915).
French Army M2 gas mask adopted (30 millions made until February 1918).

Eastern Front

German Army Detachment Scholtz formed.

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian General Montanari killed in attempt to capture Hill 383. Heavy rains and mud.
Dolomites: General Peppino Garibaldi‘s (a grandson) 3 battalions attack Panettone (taken on October 30) and Capello di Napoleone (taken today).

Middle East

Gallipoli: Monro assumes command at Imbros, cables Kitchener for winter trenching materials and experienced company commanders. Visits all three bridgeheads until October 30 and urges evacuation on October 31.

Secret War­

Egypt: Sykes’ report to War Office urges ‘a new political bureau in Cairo’ for Muslim propaganda.

African Fronts

Lake Tanganyika: Royal Navy Flotilla (2 motorboats) launched at Lukuga after 2,800-mile trek from Cape.

Sea War

North Sea: Cruiser Argyll wrecked off East Scotland (no lives lost).


France: Prime Minister Viviani resigns over Bulgar fiasco, Briand succeeds following day.

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