Diary October 6, 1942

submarine 'Barbarigo'
The submarine ‘Barbarigo’ with some members of her crew on deck. These Italian submarines were in general successfull in the Atlantic campaign together with the German U-boats. Early 1943 ‘Barbarigo’ war rebuild as a cargo submarine and later lost.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, October 6, 1942:

Sea War

Atlantic: The commander of Italian submarine Barbarigo reports that he has sunk American battleship of Idaho Class off West Africa (before, in previous May, the same Commander -Grozzi- had ‘sunk’ a US battleship off Brazil): in actual fact the ‘battleships’ are a corvette and a merchant ship resp. (Barbarigo lost, June 1943.)

Air War

Germany: RAF night raid on Osnabrueck.

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