Diary December 18, 1939

formation of early Mk I Wellington bombers
A formation of early Mk I Wellington bombers. 12 were shot down in the Battle of the Heliogoland Bight.
War Diary WW2 for Monday, December 18, 1939:

Air War

Battle of the Heligoland Bight: 50 Me 109s and Me 110s destroy 12 of 22 Wellington bombers despatched on armed reconnaissance to Wilhelmshaven. Four fighters destroyed. RAF Bomber Command abandoned daylight raids until April 1940.


Winter War: Renewed bombing of Helsinki and shelling of coastal batteries.

Sea War

Atlantic: Commodore Harwood – victor in River Plate action – promoted to Rear-Admiral and knighted.
1,039 officers and men from scuttled pocket-battleship Admiral Graf Spee interned in Buenos Aires. Captain Langsdorff commits suicide, night December 19-20.

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