Diary December 28, 1914

1st Saxon Reiter Regiment
A group of men of the German 1st Saxon Reiter Regiment (cavalry) in December 1914. Note the spurs on the boots.
War Diary World War One for Monday, December 28, 1914:

Western Front

Sir J French proposes amalgamation of BEF and Belgian Army.
Flanders: Allies recapture St Georges on river Yser and repel recovery attempts at next day.
Artois: Non-stop rain stops all but local operations.

Eastern Front

Poland: Germans retreat and retrench west of river Bzura.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian Fifth and Sixth Armies dissolved, combined into Balkan Force.
Herzegovina: Montenegrins repulse Austrians at Grahovo, and Albanian troops to south on next day.

Middle East

ArmeniaSarikamish: Turk 30th Division occupies Alisofu south of Kars road and railway until next day, isolating the Russian troops.

Secret War

Middle East: German Lieutenants Niedermayer and Wassmuss reach Baghdad, but Turks not very helpful.

Air War

West Front: Violent storm wrecks 30 RFC aircraft (16 DBR).

Home Fronts

Australia: 2nd ANZAC contingent sails from Albany for Egypt.
Britain: Londoners warned to use basements if there are air attacks.

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