Diary November 8, 1939

poster Hitler speaks at Burger-Braukeller 1939
Every year on November 8, Hitler speaks inside the Buerger-Braeukeller in Munich to remember the coupe from 1923. This is the poster for 1939.
War Diary for Wednesday, November 8, 1939:

Home Fronts

Germany: BUERGER-BRAEUKELLER BOMB INCIDENT. Powerful bomb wrecks Munich beer hall (killing 8) minutes after vehement anti-British speech by Hitler, who predicts a five-year war. Gestapo arrest hundreds of suspects. Goebbels blames the British.

Occupied countries

Poland: Dr. Hans Frank installed as Nazi Governor-General. Consolidated plan to transport 600,000 Jews and 400,000 Poles from the incorporated territories to Frank’s General-Government by spring 1940 (operation begins December 1st).

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