Diary September 15, 1944

Sherman tank pass Siegfried Line at Aachen
An US M4 Sherman tank follows the path blasted by Engineers through the Siegfried Line at Aachen.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 15, 1944:

Western Front

Americans break through Siegfried Line, east of Aachen. FFI and Americans capture Nancy.

Russian Front

Polish 1st Army of 1st Belorussian Front begins crossing the Vistula, from Praga to Warsaw proper (night September 15-16).


First infantry detachment of Brazilian Expeditionary Force joins 5th US Army.

Sea War

Pacific: Americans land on Morotai (west of New Guinea), Peleliu and Angaur (Palau Islands).

Air War

Smoke screen saves German battleship Tirpitz during Lancaster raid on Alta Fjord, in Arctic.

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