Diary September 16, 1944

Tank destroyer with accompanying infantry on the Eastern Front
Self-propelled tank destroyer Marder with accompanying infantry on the Eastern Front.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, September 16, 1944:

Russian Front

Guderian counter­-attacks near Gulf of Riga with troops brought from far south of the Front, spear­headed by scratch Panzers divisions of Colonel-General Stachwitz. Contact re-established between Army Groups Center and North by September 26.

Sea War

Pacific: Japanese carrier Unyo sunk by US submarine Barb, in South China Sea.

Occupied Countries

Holland: Hendrick Colijn, ex-Prime Minister of Holland, dies in German custody; aged 75.
Denmark: General strike (until September 21).

Air War

Europe: RAF bombs airfields in Holland and West Germany.
Germany: RAF bombers attacking Kiel and dropping 1,448 t of bombs.

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