Diary September 19, 1944

Arrival of allied troops in Eindhoven
Arrival of allied troops in Eindhoven.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 19, 1944:

Western Front

Siege of Brest ends. Allies capture Eindhoven.

Air War

Europe: RAF night raids on Rheydt and München-Gladbach – key traffic centers behind Siegfried Line. Wing-Commander Guy Gibson, V.C., missing over Rheydt.

Sea War

Last 3 U-boats in Black Sea scuttled after running out of fuel and rejection of planned sale to Turkish Navy.


ALLIED-FINNISH ARMISTICE signed in Moscow. 23 articles including: Finland to withdraw her troops behind 1940 frontier; to disarm all German forces still on her territory; Petsamo to be returned to USSR and Russian base to be established on Porkkala – Udd Peninsular, near Helsinki; Finland to pay $300 million indemnity to USSR.

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