Diary April 1, 1941

Eleven opponents of Hitler were already shaved
Eleven opponents of Hitler were already shaved from the clock by the sharp clockwise. Now it is ‘5 minutes before 12’ for the last one, Churchill – means this newspapers cartoon.
Diary for Tuesday, April 1, 1941:

Sea War

Tankers San Conrado and Hidlefjord bombed and sunk by He 111 bombers in Bristol channel.

East Africa

British capture Asmara (Eritrea).

Occupied countries

Iraq: Raschid Ali and clique of national, anti-British officers (‘Brethren of the Golden Square’) seize power.


Japan: Rationing of rice begins in Tokyo and other cities.


New Yugoslav Prime Minister, General Simovic, refuses to meet Eden (in Athens) for fear of antagonizing Hitler.

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