Diary April 9, 1945

Red Army soldiers advancing in Austria
Red Army soldiers advancing through a Lower Austrian (Vienna area) village.
Diary for Monday, April 9, 1945:

Russian Front

East Prussia: FALL OF KÖNIGSBERG after 59-day siege.
Austria: Tolbukhin’s troops smash their way into center of Vienna.

Western Front

Americans occupy Krupp’s Works at Essen.


British 8th Army crosses river Senio, west of Lake Comacchio, under massive air cover.

Home Fronts

Germany: Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Admiral Canaris, former chief of the Abwehr, and Major-General Oster hanged at Flossenburg Concentration Camp.
Italy: Liberty ship; loaded with aircraft bombs blows up in Bari harbor: 360 killed, 1,730 injured.

Air War

Germany: RAF night raid on Kiel (2,634 t): heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer capsizes; Admiral Hipper badly damaged. 8th USAAF attacks jet fighter bases in Munich and Berlin areas (April 9 and 10): 367 German fighters destroyed on the ground.

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