Diary December 20, 1915

Krupp coastal artillery gun Dardanelles
A powerful Krupp coastal artillery gun in the Turkish fortress Chemenlik at Chanak in the Dardanelles.
Diary for Monday, December 20, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli: ANZAC AND SUVLA BRIDGEHEADS EVACUATED by 0510 hours (20,652 men and 38 guns since December 19). Monro urges Helles evacuation on December 27, fierce storms on December 22-23.

Western Front

The Falkenhayn Memoran­dum: German CoS proposes unprecedented battle of attrition at Verdun to enthusias­tic Kaiser. On return journey from Potsdam to Mezieres (German GHQ) Falkenhayn’s train boarded at Montmedy by General Knobelsdorf, CoS Fifth Army, who receives a full briefing to pass on to his commander, the Crown Prince. The Prince is disquieted by Falkenhayn’s reported insistence that French Army must be ‘bled white’ at Verdun.
Ypres again shelled by German artillery.

Eastern Front

General Ruzski invalided from North Front command. Russians begin 13th wartime cipher, but again not secure.

Southern Fronts

Albanian-Greek border: Bulgar-Greek collision at Koritisa, Northern Epirus.

Air War

Western Front: 6 German aircraft bomb King of Belgians’ HQ at La Panne.


USA: Germany disavow her secret agents.
Greece: Gounaris government win election.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lloyd George’s ‘too late’ munitions speech, Britain behind Germany especially in MGs and howitzers.

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