Diary December 8, 1915

evacuation of Gallipoli
After months of unsuccessful attacks and increasing casualties, the British begin the evacuation of Gallipoli.
Diary for Wednesday, December 8, 1915:

Middle East

Gallipoli – EVACUATION BEGINS: 83,048 troops; 186 guns; 1,718 vehicles; 4,695 horses and mules (until December 20). Half of them removed on last two nights.

Southern Fronts

Salonika: Bulgars attack Anglo-French retreat northwest of lake Doiran and in Vardar valley but fog screens it next day.
Albania­: Serb GHO reassumes command at Scutari with General Bogovic as C-in-C, no meat and only 140z bread ration per day for the soldiers.

Air War

Western Front: 16 Royal Flying Corps 3rd Wing aircraft bomb Hervilly airfield despite est 60mph west wind (14 planes repeat it on December 14).


France: Russian Munitions Delegation arrives Paris, asks Joffre for more rifle ammo. King George V receives (December 18).

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