Diary January 28, 1916

General Alexeyev
General Alexeiev, the Russian Chief of Staff from August 1915 to mid-1917.
Diary for Friday, January 28, 1916:

Eastern Front

Russia: Prince Lvov and the Mayor of Moscow visit General Alexeiev; Army morale much improved but hardly an able officer above regiment commanders. Tsar does not interfere.

Southern Fronts

Albania: Austrians occupy Alessio and San Giovanni di Medua (Scutari’s port).
Salonika: 3,000 Allied soldiers occupy Karaburun coast defence batteries (250 Greek soldiers) on gulf 12 miles to south of city after talks during which battleship HMS Albion and Russian cruiser Askold to seaward with 3 aircraft above. Joffre orders Sarrail to prepare apparent offensive.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Kut garrison has 8,356 effectives (600 rifle rounds per man); 2,157 sick; 2,908 followers. Lake visits Aylmer’s headquarter until next day: Gorringe made Tigris Corps Chief of Staff.

African Fronts

Northern Rhodesia: c.80 Rhodesian and British South African police men repulse German patrol near Ikomba (70 miles southeast of Abercorn).

Sea War

North Sea: Harwich Force again (fog aborted attempt on January 18) abandons Vindex seaplane carrier raid, 20 miles from Ems estuary, when German torpedoes fired and one brushes cruiser Arethusa‘s stern (following day).

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