Diary January 7, 1916

Mehmercik troops
Turk Mehmercik troops on Gallipoli.
Diary for Friday, January 7, 1916:

Middle East

Gallipoli, Helles bridgehead: Garrison of 19,000 men, 63 guns after all French gone (January 1-4), repulses half-hearted Turk attack at Gully Spur.
Mesopotamia – ­Battle of Sheikh Saad: Aylmer only dents Turk defences for 40,07 casualties.
Euphrates: Gorringe’s 1,000 men occupy Butaniya 12 miles north of Nasiriya.

Eastern Front

Pripet: Brusilov storms Chartorysk (50 miles east of Kovel).

Air War

Salonika: German air raid causes 18 casualties.


Britain: Government arranges to ration Holland.
Austria-Hungary: Count Tisza argues only war indemnity will ensure post-war development.

Home Fronts

France: 1917 conscript class called up until January 11.

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