Diary July 21, 1941

Russian civilians watching destructions in Moscow
Russian civilians watching destructions in their city after one of the Moscow ‘Blitz’ raids.
Diary for Monday, July 21, 1941:

Air War
Supremacy 1914

Operation Barbarossa: MOSCOW ‘BLITZ’ commences with raid by 127 aircraft (night July 21-22), led by He 111 pathfinders of KGr.100 and KGr.26. 110 tons of bombs dropped, but strong anti-aircraft defences prevent concentrated attack and inflict losses. Two further large-scale attacks in July are followed by 73 minor raids July to December, 1941. Muscovites shelter in newly completed underground railway stations (British ARP experts give advice).

Home Fronts

Britain: The new heavy Churchill tank now in mass-production.

Sea War

MediterraneanOperation Substance: Force H and powerful squadron from British Home Fleet escort seven-ship convoy from Gibraltar to Malta (arriving July 24). Italian bombers hit cruiser Manchester and 2 destroyers (HMS Fearless lost) on July 23; Italian MTBs torpedo cargo ship on July 24.

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