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Diary June 8, 1915

HMS Humber
The monitor HMS Humber with 1,260 tons and 3 x 6-inch and 2 x 4.7-inch guns.
Diary for Tuesday, June 8, 1915:

Sea War

Dardanelles: HMS Humber first RN monitor to arrive, these shallow-draught heavy-gunned vessels reduce need for more vulnerable battleships.

Western Front

Artois: Further French progress in the ‘Labyrinth’. French now hold all Neuville St Vaast, advancing at Hebuterne (south of Arras).

Middle East

Persia: German Hentig mission enters bound for Afghanistan and India, reaches Tehran around June 15. 3 other German­-led parties reported in June.

Air War

Italian Front: Italian airship M2 (Felice di Pisa) shot down by Austrian 2-seater (Kissing and Gronenwald).


USA: Bryan resigns as Secretary of State, unwilling to sign 2nd Lusitania protest note. Lansing succeeds, condemns German accusations.

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