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Diary May 27, 1941

burning Bismarck
Salvos of Rodney and King George V surrounding the burning Bismarck with water fountains.
Diary for Tuesday, May 27, 1941:

Sea War

Atlantic: BISMARCK SUNK. Damaged German battleship Bismarck fights hopeless battle against British battleships King George V and Rodney and is finally torpedoed and sunk by cruiser Dorsetshire, with loss of 2,200 lives.

North Africa

Rommel recaptures Halfaya Pass.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill declares, in broadcast, that American aid will help Britain to pass through ‘long, stern, scowling valley of war, to victory’.
Germany: Walther Hewel, liaison officer at Hitler’s HQ, notes in diary: ‘Bismarck sunk … Fuehrer melancholy beyond words.’


USA: Roosevelt proclaims national emergency; to place country on war footing.

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