Diary May 6, 1915

pull out a car of the mud
The lack of appropriate roads is the biggest enemy of the troops of the Central Powers at Gorlice-Tarnow. Here Austro-Hungarian soldiers are trying to pull out a car of the mud.
Diary for Thursday, May 6, 1915:

Eastern Front

Galicia: Austrian Fourth Army occupies Tarnow, takes 30,000 PoWs until May 8.
Carpathians: Kornilov and 48th Division cut off, surrender to Austrians.

Western Front

Flanders: General Smith-Dorrien told ‘Orace — you’re for ‘ome’ by BEF CoS Robertson. British regain some trenches on Hill 60.
Aisne: Slight French advance east of Foret de l’Aigle.

Middle East

Gallipoli – Helles bridgehead: Second Battle of Krithia until May 8. 25,000 Allies with 105 guns gain only 600 yards (0.55 km) for 6,500 casualties.
Mesopota­mia: Royal Navy sending 12 river gunboats.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Botha occupies Karibib rail junction after 40-mile desert march. Colonial Minister statement to British Parliament on German well poisoning.
East Africa: 25th Royal Fusiliers (1166 volunteers) land at Mombasa.

Sea War

Ionian Sea: Austrian cruiser Novara escapes French warships off Cephalonia, having successfully towed and released German UB8. Austrian destroyer Triglar tows German coastal submarine UB7 through Otranto Straits night 15/16. UB3 towed from Pola on May 23, but lost without trace.


France: Churchill in Paris for secret Anglo-Italian naval talks (convention ends on May 10).

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