Diary November 20, 1918

Handover of a German submarine.
Handover of a German submarine.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, November 20, 1918:

Sea War

North Sea: Harwich Force meets first 20 U-boats (of 170) to surrender 20 miles off Lowestoft and puts prize crews aboard; German crews sent home in own transport after boats berth at Harwich. 39 U-­boats surrender on November 21. King George inspects Grand Fleet (388 ships including 15 US and 3 French with total crews of 90,000). German destroyer V30 mined and sunk en route to Scapa Flow internment.

Western Front

AEF crosses Luxembourg frontier; Germans leave Grand Duchy until November 22. Petain given title Marshal of France. General Rawlinson makes a formal entry into Charleroi.
France: ­First US-made tank lands.

Eastern Front

North Russia: Marushevski made White Russian Gouverneur-General and C-in-C at Archangel.
Western Russia: Red Army takes Pskov.
Ukraine: Soviet Government formed.
Baltic States: British War Cabinet agree on Royal Navy show of force.
North Caucasus: Volunteer Army breaks up Red Taman army.

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