Diary October 15, 1940

 Burning buildings after a Blitz air raid
Burning buildings after a ‘Blitz’ air raid, close to St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London.
Diary for Tuesday, October 15, 1940:

Air War

THE BLITZ: 400 German bombers raid London by moonlight, dropping 530 t of high-explosives bombs, starting 900 major fires in the City of London and seriously disrupting road and rail communications; Oxford Street blocked; BBC Broadcasting House hit. 400 killed, 900 injured (600 trapped in Balham Underground Station).
RAF night raid on Kiel (repeated October 16-17): 5 aircraft lost on second raid.

Sea War

Mediterranean: British sub Rainbow and Italian submarine Enrico Toti (damaged previously and unable to submerge) fight gun battle off Calabria; Rainbow sunk.


USA: 16 Million men register for military service.

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