Diary October 15, 1915

Bulgarian infantryman
A Bulgarian infantryman ready for marching.
Diary for Friday, October 15, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Bulgar regiment seizes Vranje in Morava valley after daring mountain march, cutting Nis-Salonika railway. Others bombard Valandova.
Trentino: Italians occupy Pregasina (north of lake Garda), offensive resumed on October 19.

Western Front

Alsace: French gains on Hartmannsweilerkopf.

Middle East

Gallipoli: General Monro new C-in-C MEF (leaves London on October 22) after Dardanelles committee decides to recall Hamilton (cabled on October 16, leaves October 17). Birdwood acting as C-in-C from October 17-28.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Admiral Dartige du Fournet (from Dardanelles squadron) replaces Admiral Lapeyrere (cabled for relief due to health on October 10) as French and Allied C-in-C aboard battleship Courbet at Malta.


Rumania refuses to aid Serbia.

Home Fronts

New Zealand: Discharged Soldiers’ Settlement Act (National Registration ordered, October 26).
Britain: Lord Askwith Thorneycroft strike judgment says non-unionists should join unions for duration of war.
Army demands 2500 doctors by January 1916, only 500 supplied due to civil need.
Ireland: Food production campaign begins.

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