Diary October 21, 1915

King George V
King George V. (1865-1936) was crowned in 1910. In a time when Britain was going through a serious crisis, he took care of the balance between the parties of this dispute. By his behavior during the war, he won for himself and the monarchy prestige.
Diary for Thursday, October 21, 1915:

Western Front

King George V visit to BEF, stays at Chateau de la Jumelle at Aire near St Omer.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Fighting at Baranovichi, Russians take 3500 PoWs, but Germans storm Illukst (October 23) and advance beyond (October 26).
Galicia­: At the border Shcherbachev’s Eleventh Army vainly attacks Austrian Second in Second Battle of Novo Alexinatz (until October 23).

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Bulgars take Kumanovo and Uskub (Skopje). French first in action holding Strumica rail station against Bulgar 14th Regiment (Second Army). In North Bulgars occupy Negotin and contact Gallwitz’s Orsova detachment.

Sea War

Aegean: Anglo-French squadron of 4 cruisers and 4 destroyers shells Bulgar port of Dedeagach for 3 hours and Porto Lagos causing numerous fires (est 10 killed only as pop gone inland), Bulgaria protests on October 25.


Britain: King George V visits France (until December 1); thrown from horse and injured (October 28).
USA: Government blockade protest note to Britain.

Home Fronts

Britain: Dardanelles committee decide that Kitchener not fit to stay but absent Asquith dissents.

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