Diary September 13, 1918

US gunners aim captured German guns
US gunners aim captured German guns against their former owners at St.Mihiel.
World War One Diary for Friday, September 13, 1918:

Western Front

Meuse – St Mihiel: Pershing takes 13,000 PoWs and 200 guns as salient closed at Vigneulles by 0600 hours as US 26th and 1 st Divisions meet (200,000 Americans in reserve). BAR first used in action by US 79th Division.
Somme­: Anglo-French troops close on St Quentin.

Air War

France: Marshal Foch memo to Premier Clemenceau on ‘The bombardment of the Interior of Germany’ by an ‘inter-allied bombing force.
Western Front: ­Handley Page bombers of No 207 Squadron attack Le Cateau station with 79 bombs (night September 13-14). RAF night raids on 3 German Paris bombing bases (night September 15-16).

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