Diary September 7, 1916

German Schutztruppe in East Africa
German Schutztruppe in East Africa with a Maxim machine gun and a light field piece.
Diary for Thursday, September 7, 1916:

African Fronts

Actions near Kisaki (until September 8): c.2,600 Germans with 22 MGs beat 1,700 South Africans troops, forcing retreat and halt (until September 13).
On coast British land and occupy both Kilwas 140 miles south of Dar-es-Salaam (1,100 soldiers land and occupy Mikindani 120 miles south of Kilwa on September 13).

Eastern Front

Galicia: Lechitski takes burning Halicz on Dniester. Turk XV Corps loses 1,500 casualties (until September 8) but stands firm after 10-mile retreat.


USA: US Shipping Board created to form Govt­owned merchant fleet. Congress authorizes Wilson to retaliate against Britain, signs legislation (September 8). Emer­gency Revenue Act doubles normal income tax (September 8).

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