Diary September 8, 1943

two by German anti-tank gun destroyed Italian Autobilnda AB 41 armoured cars
One of the rare pictures of the fightings between the former Allies: two by German anti-tank gun destroyed Italian Autobilnda AB 41 armoured cars at the suburban Prima Porta north of Rome. In the background German paratroopers have captured Italian soldiers.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, September 8, 1943:


SURRENDER OF ITALY: Eisenhower makes a public announcement in Algiers. Italian Armistice Terms: 13 points inc. immediate cessation of hostilities; Italy to deny all facilities to Germany; all PoWs to be handed over and none at any time sent to Germany. Immediate transfer of all warships and aircraft to designated points; merchant shipping to be requisitioned by Allies; Allies to establish bases wherever they wish on Italian territory and Italian forces to protect bases until arrival of Allied forces. Italy to surrender Corsica.

Home Fronts

Italy – Operation Achse (‘Axis’): GERMAN FORCES SEIZE ALL STRATEGIC POINTS IN ITALY and forcibly disarm Italian armed forces.

Occupied Territories

Yugoslavia: Tito’s Partisans begin rounding up and disarming Italian divisions.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Surrender of Italian Fleet. 5 battleships, 8 cruisers and 11 destroyers leave their bases for Malta (September 8-9).
Arctic: German invasion of Spitzbergen. Grenadier battalion lands from destroyers covered by Scharnhorst, to destroy colliery installations; battleship Tirpitz shells Barentsburg town. Small Norwegian garrison offers stout resistance.

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