Diary October 5, 1939

Hitler at the victory parade in Warsaw.
Hitler at the victory parade in Warsaw.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, October 5, 1939:


End of Polish campaign. Germans ‘mopping up’ Polish troops still at large between river Vistula and river Bug.
Hitler flies to Warsaw and reviews victory parade.
105,000 Polish Soldiers escaped abroad to Romania and will become the Polish armed forces in exile.

Sea War

Eight groups of British and French warships hunt Admiral Graf Spee in Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
Pocket­-battleship Deutschland sinks SS Stonegate in North Atlantic.


Soviet-Latvian Mutual Assistance Pact. Soviet forces to be based in Latvia.

Home Fronts

France: Chamber of Deputies prorogued and 26 Communist deputies arrested.


Killed Soldiers 10,572 66,300734
Wounded Soldiers 30,322 130,000?
POWs- 967,000 (750,000 to Germany)-

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