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Diary June 21, 1940

Marshal Foch's railway carriage from 1918
Marshal Foch’s railway carriage from 1918, used again by orders from Hitler for the armistice between France and Germany in 1940.
Diary for Friday, June 21, 1940:


Hitler attends Franco-German armistice negotiations in Forest of Compiegne.

Air War

50 German aircraft make scattered night raids over many parts of England, guided by radio beams.

Secret War

Specially equipped RAF Anson aircraft detects radio beam transmitted from Germany in direction of Rolls-Royce works, Derby. Counter-measures are quickly devised against this system (German code name Knickebein, or ‘bent leg’).

Sea War

Atlantic – two U-boats disappear: U-122 (June 21) and U-102 (June 30) missing off North Channel (Irish Sea); possibly sunk by mines. Two ‘Special Service Vessels’ (decoy ships) sunk by U-boats, West of Ireland: Prunella (June 21) and Williamette Valley (June 29).


Romania: King Carol forms ‘National Party’ inc. members of Iron Guard (Jews excluded from membership).
USA: Death of Colonel Thompson, inventor of the Tommy Gun (a sophisticated sub-machine gun), aged 80.

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