Diary March 8, 1916

German soldier keeps watch over Fort Vaux
A lone German soldier keeps watch over Fort Vaux, from the remains of a captured French trench.
Diary for Wednesday, March 8, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: Germans repulsed at Fort Vaux. Crazy French regiments bayonet charge restores west bank line by retaking Bois des Corbeaux after 2 1/2-mile German advance.

Middle East

Turkey: Enver Pasha returns to Constantinople from Syria and Palestine inspection.
Mesopo­tamia – Battle of Dujaila Redoubt (until March 9): Aylmer surprises Turks but muddles belated attack, loses 3,474 men (1,285 Turk casualties).
Persia: Russians occupy Sennah.


Mexico: German ambassador Eckhardt recommends Swedish diplomat for Crown Order 2nd Class for sending German Washington cables to Berlin. Royal Navy Room 40 intercept and realize significance during May.

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