Diary November 25, 1915

Turkish soldiers stand ready
Turkish soldiers stand ready to march.
Diary for Thursday, November 25, 1915:

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Townshend begins retreat after air reconnaissance reports Turks returning.
Gallipoli: Monro becomes C-in-C MEF, Birdwood GOC Dardanelles Army.

Western Front

Grenade fighting during night on some sectors in Artois and Lorraine.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Putnik issues last order on home soil ‘Convince your troops that this retreat is a national necessity … our salvation will come when our allies carry all before them in the final victory’.

Sea War

Aegean: 6 Allied battleships, 2 cruisers, c.30 light craft anchor at Melos Island as act of gunboat diplomacy against Greece (the 3 British battleships sail for Dardanelles on December 12).

Secret War

Switzerland: Tentative German-Belgian talks in Zürich.

Home Fronts

France: First Victory Loan, yields Fr 13.3bn (£580m) since November 16.
Britain: Rent Restric­tian Act pegs rents at pre­war levels for duration of war plus 6 months. Munitions Ministry takes control of all military research.

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