Diary April 16, 1915

Italian war propaganda
Italian war propaganda: Italy as fortified Roman checks fearless the Germanic barbarians.
Diary for Friday, April 16, 1915:


Austria: Government finds Italy’s territory proposals mainly unacceptable.

Western Front

Artois: Unsuccessful German attacks at Notre-Dame de Lorette.

Middle East

Persia: Kalil Bey (Enver’s uncle) reaches Urmia in northwest with 36th Division and 6 guns, retakes Dilman on April 29.

Sea War

Aegean: Turk torpedo boat Demirhisar intercepts but fails to torpedo British transport Manitou south of Skyros (51 men lost in panic); cruiser HMS Minerva and 3 destroyers force Turk craft aground on Chios next day. Manitou reaches Mudros.

Air War

Neutral USA: AB-2 flying boat (Bellinger) catapulted from a barge in US trials.
Britain: ­First German Army aircraft over England: Albatros BII of FlAbt 41 drops 8 bombs (without effect) at Sittingbourne and Faversham, Kent; 14 defense sorties.
Germany: French bombers attack Rottweil gunpowder factory, Leo­poldshoehe rail workshops, Mezieres-les-Metz power station. 3 Aviatiks forced to land.
Middle East: 2 Farmans and a BE2 of RFC Ismailia Flt bomb El Marra, Sinai.

Supremacy 1914

Home Fronts

Canada: $100m voted for war. 101,000 men under arms (April 11).

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