Diary September 14, 1918

Oil rigs in Baku in 1918
Oil rigs in Baku in 1918, in which the Germans, British and Turks are interested.
World War One Diary for Saturday, September 14, 1918:

Middle East

Azerbaijan – Turks capture Baku: 8-10 battalions capture Wolfs Gate. Dunsterforce evacuation ordered at 2000 hours after 180 casualties and 5 RAF sorties. 3 Royal Navy-manned ships take 1,300 British soldiers and 8,000 Armenians to Enzeli (until September 15). Tartars massacre 8,988 Armenians (until September 16). Turks install Khan Khoiski’s Tartar Government on September 16.

Southern Fronts

Macedonia – ALLIED FINAL OFFENSIVE: Battle of the Vardar (until September 25; French Battle of the Dobropolje until September 17 and Serb Battle of the Moglenitsa) begins with record Balkans 650-gun bombardment from 0800 hours along 80-mile Vardar-Monastir line especially on 6-mile Mountains Sokol­-Vetrenik sector. Scholtz wrongly moves Bulgar regiment and 12th Saxon Jaeger battalion to north of Monastir, only at 2230 hours discovers the point of attack.

Western Front

Aisne: French Tenth Army storms Allemant (Legion’s last major action) and Laffaux Mill (Marine batallion) in 5-miles of Hindenburg Line and captures 2,500 PoWs and guns; recaptures Vailly on river (September 16); advances northeast of Soissons (September 17), and repulses five counter-attacks near Allemant (September 20).

Air War

Germany: Largest Handley Page effort (night September 14-15), 40 vs various targets (1 lost).
Macedonia: First of 3 RAF pre-final offensive bombing raids (until September 16) on Hudova airfield.


Austria: Government sends note to US, all belligerents and neutrals suggesting ‘non-committal discussion’ on neutral soil. Allies spurn and Germans irritated.

Oval@3x 2

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