Diary September 28, 1914

Miracle weapon 'Big Bertha'
The success of the 42-cm M-Gerät (M-device) against the Belgian-French fortifications dissolve in Germany for an unprecedented propaganda campaign. The Big Bertha is celebrated as a ‘Wonder Weapon’.
War Diary of World War One for Monday, September 28, 1914:

Western Front

Belgium: Germans take Malines. German super-heavy howitzers bombard Forts Waelhem and Wavre-Ste Catherine, outer ring of Antwerp, both suffer magazine explosions.

Eastern Front

Poland: New German Ninth Army (Hindenburg) attacks from near Cracow to aid Austrians.
Carpathians: ­Russians seize Dukla and Uzsok Passes and Krosno; cavalry raid into Hungary.

Southern Fronts

Bosnia: Serbs occupy Vlasenica 40 miles (ca. 64 km) from Sarajevo, but driven back to railway by October 4.

Sea War

South America: Cradock searches Magellan Straits for Spee.


USA: President Wilson‘s note to Britain stresses blockade’s evil effects on US public opinion.

Home Fronts

Russia: Shell production 35,000 pieces per month, expenditure 45,000 pieces per day. A 2 million shell order is reduced to 800,000 for September.

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